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Quick Review - Tiny Legends: Crazy Knight

This game represents the things we love most about modern day tablet gaming: decent graphics, satisfying pick-up-and-play game mechanics, a slow but steady level/resource grind, and the ability to choose how far you would like to financially support the developers for making such a fun game. Tiny Legends: Crazy Knight is all about running a small 3-dimensional map while hacking and slashing at dozens of monsters, racking up combo-hits and of course, managing to stay alive. In between, you have access to a store for purchasing new weapons and also, a small trophy list -for those of you who constantly need some secondary objective to chase after.

If you enjoy hack and slash games, Crazy Knight has plenty to offer you in terms of non-stop action. The game is chock-full of all the important elements that make for a successfully basher: plenty of enemies to attack, a wide assortment of weapons to use, unique skills that are flashy to watch, and of course, the feeling that you are actually earning and accomplishing something with each mission. The result is an enjoyable game that makes you want to play it during your free hours but does not pressure you with senseless cooldown periods that limit your gameplay experience.

Long Live Cooperative Play!

The one thing we did not mention about the game is the fact that it features cooperative play at its very core. Normally, this feature is something that we would highlight as a key element of a game –and it should be. But unfortunately, Tiny Legend’s multiplayer servers are quite buggy and hard to connect to. Creating local-area linkups with other tablet players is not an option so players are forced to stick to the online system –which is not all that streamlined. The game will automatically connect you to other players, but the lack of a proper lobby and waiting room means that you may be attempting the random connection for several minutes without much success.

Once you do get into a game however, the action is pretty short, but still hot and sweet. You and three other players get to run around the stage as you bash away at an enemy Golem. Once the Golem is completely defeated, coins start flying out for everyone to collect. Working together is the key to defeating bosses as fast as possible and it seems that there is no limit to the number of multiplayer games you can engage in. So this is a great way to farm gold the moment you get some of the intermediate level weapons.

Enemies Galore

Like many other games, Tiny Legend’s Crazy Knight starts you off with a quick tutorial. There is an explanation of movement, attacking, dodging, combos, skill use, weapon selection, and more. Also, the game is quite informative when it comes to providing info about the enemy. This gives you a quick heads up on how fast they move and how hard they are to take down. Naturally, the starting stages are quite easy; providing you with large waves of single type enemies and easy-bosses to deal with. The result is a pretty fun and smooth start off to the game.

The real fun begins once the tutorial ends. You can use the gold you have earned so far to buy a new weapon or just choose to save it up for the next weapon in the tier. Your gameplay will differ depending on the type of weapon you select. Swords are really fast but deliver the least damage in the game. They are useful for making quick turnaround attacks and the wide arcing strikes make for a decent crowd control attack when enemies surround you.

The hammer and the axe both function in a similar way: you swing them around for left to right attacks then a strong overhead strike reaches forward to far away targets. The only difference is that the hammer is incredibly slow. The axe is the most well rounded of the weapons in the game. Despite having the same attack animations as the hammer, it hits faster than the hammer, does more damage than the sword (but is slightly slower), and it has a pretty decent range.

The last weapon type is the longbow –with this, you can fire an infinite supply of low damage arrows at enemies. The attacks are fast, strong and effective. Even with the generally lower damage rating of a bow, the amount of shots you fire per second is enough to compensate and get you out of tights. The only problem is that players who are used to melee combat with the other three weapons will find the bow’s directional attack system a little disorienting. Aside from that, those who have a penchant for long ranged combat will love this weapon.

Boxy Goodness

The character models for this game are pretty simple and basic, but somehow, they work. To save on animation, the lead knight has floating hands instead of arms –allowing for really smooth attack animations without having to deal with possibly bizarre arm positions. The monsters are even more streamlined –each one is a block. To differentiate monsters, the blocks are colored and textured differently, some have a tapered top, and some have extra parts like ears, horns or wings. The result is pretty stylish –despite the fact that the devs did cut down on the polygon count, Crazy Knight’s characters and enemies ended up being pretty well done. The decision also allowed for the meager capabilities of a tablet to handle plenty of onscreen content simultaneously; and any decision that emphasizes gameplay over graphics is always a definite plus.

A Pricey Purchase

We love this game and we certainly love getting good weapons –but buying better equipment with real money has always been a hard sell for us. Our suggestion is that you choose just one, a single really powerful weapon. It will certainly cost you (those sparkling gems are about 49.99USD for a little under 600 pieces), but the result is that you get a really awesome sword (or axe, hammer, bow –whichever you prefer). Choose the strongest weapon of the tier that is available and of course, be sure to buy from the ones that are exclusive to gems (you can easily farm the regular currency, gold coins). This way, you get a weapon that you will enjoy, totally own bosses during multiplayer combat, and still manage to support the developers of the game. So there you have it, for this game, buy once and buy big.

The Verdict

3D hack and slash games are pretty common for mobile and tablet games, and there are plenty of them that are fun to play. This is why Tiny Legend’s Crazy Knight has some pretty stiff competition, and despite its impressive stylized graphics, easy controls, fun gameplay, and decent music, the game still has to contend with many others that offer much of the same. The only advantage here however, is the inclusion of multiplayer. Despite the lack of player interactivity before and after matches, it is still fun to run around with other players and beat up bosses. The rewards come fast and easy and the game provides a really sincere sense of accomplishment each time you gain a level or buy a new item. We give Triniti's knight hack and slash a poison spitting slime creature’s 88/100.

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