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Siegius Arena - A tale of a gladiator against the odds

So Sky 9 games siegius arena is due out soon and with numerous mentions on the game dev's website of what's in store for browser gamers here at we are licking our lips at the prospect of playing this gladiator hack n slasher.

The gladiator game features very similar graphics to that of Siegius and Strike Force Heroes but the game play looks far more comprehensive than the former with plenty of user upgrades which make your gladiator look terrific and fight even more ferociously. From what we can tell from the game trailer featured below there will be epic boss fights and some really intense moments where you are pitted against large armies of mobs in the colloseum. It's got Maximus written all over it and although it's rather cliche in it's concept it's fight sequences and visuals wield a big double edged axe at such slander.

More screenshots below also reveal some of the impressive looking bosses in Siegius Arena. As you can see one actually looks like one of the game's developer (the chap in the golden armour - was he looking for a virtual ego boost!? :)) whilst the other looks like a cross between Zeus and Juliar Caesar.

An additional touch we appreciate is the out of arena mobbing from the common folk all too eager to show their love for the courageous, blood thirsty hero - yes that will be you if you manage to hack, slash and gut enough gladiators in the arena.

We will post an update once this game is released on one of the big flash games portal.

Game Trailer

More Screenshots

Siegius arena game: boss fight 1 Siegius arena game: boss fight 2 Siegius arena: greeted by the mob Siegius arena: combat Siegius arena: boss fight 3 Siegius arena: arena combat Siegius arena: boss fight 4 Siegius arena: boss fight 19
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