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The Knights of Cakes and Pastries

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Muffin Knight is an action/platforming game that puts you in the role of a knight who was tasked to retrieve magical muffins of power. These muffins are not your everyday sugar-filled pastries, they can imbue your character with magic and can transform your into powerful beasts of legend such as Dragons and Cyclops. Retrieving these tasty treats will not be that easy. Vile creatures, both real and mythical are out to sabotage your attempts of acquiring these lost treasures of the bakery.

Tales from the Bakery

Not much is known about the true origins of these muffins of power or the reasons why they are guarded by fiendish beasts and monsters. Only one thing is certain however, anyone who possesses them can certainly reap the benefits of the their magic. Who would not want the ability to transform into a fire breathing dragon or become a powerful wizard?

Looks Good Enough to Eat

Muffin Knight looks mightily impressive, especially on a 10 inch Android Tablet. You can truly see the details that were added by the artists and animators in charge of the game’s development. While the game still looks fabulous on a smaller screen, the characters and enemies are a bit too small to appreciate. The stages in the game are all colorful and has a lot of different things going on in them. Each stage has a theme, such as a forest, a bridge and cemetery.

The animations of the characters in Muffin Knight are pretty good and provide just the right amount of eye candy to keep players happy. The movement of each enemy in Muffin Knight is very compelling, they actually look believable. Some animations are even added to the background of each stage to make them look more vibrant. Things like clouds lazily drifting in the sky and lighting striking on the horizon add depth to the game’s visuals.

muffin knight visuals are good enough to eat

A Feast for the Ears

The music and sound effects that can be heard in Muffin Knight are relatively calm and serene. Even the music that plays on some of the most ominous stages in the game lacks the tension that you will normally expect in an action / platforming game. The choice of music in the game is not too bad per say, but rather too soothing for our taste. There were times that we actually felt sleepy thanks to the game’s soothing melody. We prefer the music in action/platforming games to be more energetic so that we can keep our alertness on and not doze off during crucial parts of the game.

Sound effects are always influential in a game, especially if the game has a lot of different characters and enemies involved. Muffin Knight has an abundance of strinkingly quirky sounds. Each character or creature your knight turns into has a distinct sound effect that they can produce. For us, this adds to game’s overall experience since we can totally distinguish each character with just the sound that they make. Whether it is the sound of arrows firing from a crossbow, the fire from a dragon’s breath or the puking sound of a Zombie, every bit of sound in Muffin Knight was  recorded properly to produce some quality audio effects.

Jump, Shoot and Change

Muffin Knight’s gameplay involves both action and platforming elements as players must defeat enemies, jump over chasms and avoid other hazards that could kill them as they attempt to retrieve each muffin scattered around the stage. Players are given the option to either attack and defeat an enemy or avoid them entirely. While killing an enemy does earn you some experience points, the points you earn are really small in amount and are not really worth the risk and effort. Players are better off just focusing on collecting the muffins scattered around, which gives more experience points.

Once you have accumulated enough experience points, your player level will increase. While this does not improve any of your character’s overall attributes, increasing your player level rewards you with points that you can save up and use to purchase extra lives, upgrade characters and buy special abilities known as Perks.

Increasing your player level has a lot of benefits, not just earning points for character upgrades and buying different Perks. You can also unlock more playable characters, such as the Dragon, Cyclops, Zombie and Unicorn, just to name a few. Additional stages in the game are also unlocked by reaching a certain player level. One of the best ways to quickly increase your player level is by replaying earlier stages multiple times, gathering muffins over and over again can earn you a lot of experience points thanks to the experience multiplier bonus that you get as you play continuously.

muffin knight unlock more characters

Each playable character you unlock as you increase your player level has a different type of attack. Some breath fire like the Dragon, others throws ninja shurikens like the Ninja Kitty. While most of the playable characters in Muffin Knight rely on ranged attacks, some characters do melee attacks instead, such as the Grizzly – who uses his claws to defeat his enemies. One of the things that kept us playing Muffin Knight is that it has a lot of unlockable content. Each playable character can also be upgraded with points earned from leveling up. Upgrading a character can increase its attack damage, range or firing rate. Each playable character has different attributes that can be upgraded, so make sure to spend your points wisely.

Change is not always Good

As you gather the lost muffins of power, your character changes randomly. We find this gameplay mechanic really annoying at certain times, since you do not know which character will come out. We are guessing that it is the game developers way of providing a challenge to the game, since you must always be on your guard whenever you acquire a muffin. Since the characters you are playing as are random, upgrading them seem a bit pointless unless you can upgrade all of them. Upgrading each and everyone of the characters in Muffin Knight will be too much of a chore since there are more than a dozen playable characters available, we really doubt anyone will attempt to do this anytime soon unless they plan to spend money on buying points from the game’s developer themselves.

Like all online games these days, Muffin Knight offers points that can be purchased online. While we prefer to unlock stuffs with patience and skill, we can understand the need for these premium items especially if the game is free. Supporting independent game developers, especially those who have shown outstanding talent in game development should be supported by people who love and enjoy games.

Muffin Knight also offers both versus and cooperative gaming. Players can team up and gather the lost muffins together or they can go head to head against each other. Adding multiplayer to the game not only adds more fun to the game but gives it tons of replay value.

muffin knight multiplayer option

Coming out of the Oven

Muffin Knight & Angry Mob Games was able to provide us with hours of enjoyment and we are willing to spend more time playing it our friends on multiplayer. While the game is not perfect, it still has more merits than any other action/platforming game we have played recently. With good visuals and audio effects, together with fun and addictive gameplay, Muffin Knight is a game not to be missed. These are testaments of good game, a game worthy of recommendation. We give Muffin Knight a lip-smacking score of 84/100.

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Reviewed by Ronald See

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