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Another Day, Another Adventure

Legend of the Void is a knight RPG game that places you in the fictional world of Calderia -which is pretty much your run- of- the- mill medieval land in distress from bizarre and magical forces. You start off as a survivor from a shipwreck, picking up scraps of wood and plank to use as weapons against bandits and other beings of mal- intent. Slowly, you must fight your way through the forest and into the nearest town in order to figure out what has caused the magical anomaly that has befallen your ship and more importantly, take revenge on the person responsible.

In between, you get to enjoy gratuitous amounts of turn based battles, stylized inventory management, a well designed leveling system and of course, plenty of NPCs to help out. As one would expect, you can buy and sell items from shops, do side- quests to earn rewards, get treasure chests from the field maps and when you are done roaming about, you proceed to the next main mission objective to proceed the story. The game is solid and cohesive, providing players with a satisfying RPG experience.

The Graphics and Sounds of the Void

On a typical netbook, players will have to set the graphics down to the lowest settings - which is not entirely a bad thing especially when it comes to the visuals. The sprites are all neatly drawn and very smooth, but the slight ruggedness that the lowest settings provide add a sense of realism and depth to the game. The particles (particularly when you start using high level magical weapons) do tend to slow down devices and it is a shame that there is no option to turn those off. On a high spec machine however, the game is seamless and has plenty of eye candy for players to enjoy.

In terms of originality, there really is nothing here that truly manages to stand out. Wild wolves look like wolves, skeletons look like skeletons and the typical human enemy is simply a matter of armor sprite- swapping. That being said, the whole concept works. The game is not about stylish characters or cutesy mascot types, the grit and harshness of Legend of the Void is palatable from beginning to end.

The animations are well detailed. From the way the lead character walks around the world map to the various actions they perform in battle, each character has its own set of animation. Whether it is slashing with a sword or firing an arrow, both the player party and the enemies move with decisive effort making their presence in the game all the more natural. Parents will appreciate that despite the numerous amount of combat encounters that Legend of the Void offers, blood is not depicted -which incredibly lessens the violence factor of the game.

The maps are pretty easy to figure out, though a better detailed map would certainly help players from getting stuck or lost when it comes to directions. Since encounters are not random, getting players stuck running in the wrong direction simply wastes precious gaming time.

The music is a little more interesting as compared to other games. Despite the limited number of tracks, they seem to merge quite well with the visuals and mood of the game. The sound effects are the ones that sometimes feel a little off, though this may also be due to syncing problems as compared to having bad sound clips.

The Game Itself

The game basically involves two gameplay features: exploring the map and engaging in battle. When moving about the world, you get a top view perspective and a minimap indicating those who are around you; red signifies enemies, yellows are NPCs that have quest related conversations, blue is for regular conversations and store NPCs appear as green on the map. To move to various locations in the game, all the player has to do is to walk towards the edge of the map -which automatically moves you to the next area. The game is automatically saved every time you move to another area (you can aso save manually from the menu window).

In combat, players fight in a turn based system -for the most part, the player party always gets to attack first, allowing you the chance to end battles without letting the enemy attack. Player characters will earn skills as they level up (you get to choose yours, your party member auto- selects). Using these skills strategically will help you get out of most battles with minimal damage. One thing that makes the combat in this game a lot easier is the fact that your HP and stamina/mana is completely replenished after every combat encounter. This means that even when engaging grunts in battle, you should never hesitate using your skills if it makes the battles end faster.

Winning in battles earns experience points, which in turn, helps you increase levels. Every level increase provides the player with stat points to distribute to their attributes and 1 skill point for active or passive skills. As any RPG veteran would tell know, investing in the right passive skills will make your character adaptable to wide number of situations. At the same time, concentrating your active skills to complement each other is always more efficient that simply learning every item in the skill tree.

The Verdict

The game is fun to play, the controls are easy to master, the story is sensible and the combat is well made. For those four simple reasons alone, most games would have already garnered a magnanimous score from us. However, there is also the fact that this is nothing more than a teaser game -despite already promising more than hour of gameplay, the story is far from complete and there is a certain sense of abruptness in the way this pseudo stand- alone chapter ends. With that said, it is easy to peg Legend of the Void as a niche- game. It is great and amazing to play, but it is certainly not for anyone. Perhaps when all the chapters are finally out and available, then you would have a truly great game in your hands. So there you have it, Legend of the Void is a game with really nice features, great visuals and a well made battle system that is plagued by its short gameplay life. We give this game a quiet NPC's 87/100.

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