Hands of War 2 Game

The Two Faces of War

Turn the tides of battle and change the outcome of the war. Become an adventurer in a land torn by conflict. The land of Tempor has risen from the ashes and has once again been gripped by the hands of war. As two new factions wage battle against each other in a cycle that refuses to end. Would you choose to become a righteous warrior for the Guardians or a power hungry fighter under the banner of the Black Council?

Hands of War 2 is a browser based online role playing game that lets you create your very own virtual hero. Choose from six (6) different job classes and become part of multiple factions in the game, each with their own agendas and aspirations. Once the choice has been made, alliances will be formed and enemies will come. Are you ready to face the outcome of your decision?

The Never Ending Tale of Conflict

After the events in the first game, the land of Tempor has been left in ruin. Neighboring kingdoms are amassing and the threat of invasion looms. The remnants of the Alliance and the Shadow Runners has made an unexpected move and made a pact of friendship in order to strengthen the kingdom and quell any invading forces. The newly formed faction of the Phoenix rose from the ashes of the once torn land of Tempor. With it came the Order of the Black Council, which governs the land and safeguards the sacred Heartstone – a magical relic known to possess unimaginable powers. Tempor once again flourished thanks to this unholy alliance between two mortal enemies.  The kingdom of Tempor once again rose into power and has finally regained its former glory. Sadly, with power comes ambition and the council that was created to prevent the conquering of Tempor now plans to use the power of the Heartstone to invade other kingdoms.

Brin Gardius, a member of a group opposing the Black Council’s evil plans stole the Heartstone and hid it away in order to prevent the council from using its power to conquer other kingdoms. Brin Gardius was captured and killed by the Black Council, but with his death the fires of rebellion grew and a new faction was formed, The Guardians. The Guardians is comprised mostly of exiled citizens who do not support the Black Council’s ideals. They have since joined together to put a stop to the Black Council’s plans of conquest by preventing them from finding the Heartstone.

Choosing which side to fight for…

Before venturing off to the land of Tempor, you must first create your character. Choose from six (6) job classes each one with its own pros and cons. The job class you choose also has a corresponding affiliation which will determine how other factions relate to you in the game. Here are the six (6) job classes and their affiliations:

Ranger – An agile bow user who fights from a distance. Perfect for those who prefer range attacks rather than melee. Affiliation: The Warders

Wizard – User of Arcane magic and summons different elements. The Wizard casts powerful spells to vanquish his foes. Affiliation: The Magicians

Warrior – Heavy armored fighter who wields a sword and a shield. The most rounded class when it comes to attack and defense. Affiliation: The Blademasters

Beastmaster – Highly skilled with one-handed weapons and has the ability to control animals. Affiliation: The Warders

Necromancer – An evil mage who commands the dead and corrupts the soul. Affiliation: The Magicians

Rogue – Stealthy dual-wielding fighters who prefers daggers and knives over larger weapons. Very agile but fragile, the rogue is best used in assassinations rather than a frontal assault. Affiliation: The Blademasters

When choosing your job class, you must remember that each class has a different approach to fighting. Some prefer close range while others prefer sniping from a distance. Also, since each job class has an affiliation with another class, always bear in mind that not everyone will be friendly towards you, especially if you are a member of an opposing group. Upon starting the game, you will be given the choice of joining either the power hungry Black Council or the justice seeking The Guardians. The story unfolds differently depending on which faction you choose to join.

It is Adventure Time!!!

Once your character has been created you can now begin your adventure in the land of Tempor; control your character with the use of the W, A, S and D keys. Use your mouse to attack an enemy by moving the cursor to face an enemy then press the left button to attack. The controls might be a bit troublesome at first, especially for jobs classes such as the Ranger and Magician since they need to constantly move around while attacking with range weapons.

Hotkeys are assigned to access your character’s status menu, map, abilities, quests and faction status. Press the C key to open up your character’s status menu where you can check your current level, attributes and inventory. The B key opens up your abilities menu where you can view all your skills and abilities. The L key opens a list of the quests you currently have taken and a description on what is needed to accomplish it. The Map can be accessed by pressing the M key, which is great when you want to know where you are exactly in the world of Hands of War 2. The F key displays all the factions in the game and their current relationship with your character. Last but not the least is the O key, which accesses the option menu where you can change the game’s setting, such as toggling the music on and off. You can also reconfigure the controls for your character if you are having a hard time with the default movement configuration.

Like all role playing games, you must take on quests to earn gold in order to buy items and new equipments that will help you in your adventures. Defeating monsters and other types of enemies in the game rewards you with not only experience points but sometimes items and gold as well. Once enough experience points are gathered, your character will gain a level. Upon gaining a level, you will be awarded skill points that you can distribute to your character’s attributes in order to strengthen them. You will be able to learn new abilities also after reaching a certain character level, seek out the Trainer to learn these new abilities. Since enemies are abundant in the game and they reappear after a few seconds after they have been killed, it is very easy to increase your character’s level. Take advantage of this and earn enough experience points and gold for your character in order to learn better abilities and buy better equipment.

Each piece of equipment has a different appearance and color scheme, which directly affects your character’s overall look. This might not be noticeable at first especially since the character models used in the game are a bit small and the game is presented with a over the top view perspective. Still, it is amusing to know that the developer took the time to invest in the game’s visual presentation rather than just going with subpar graphics to present their game.

The Council’s Final Verdict

Axis Games have produced a worthy sequel with Hands of War 2 and it has improved greatly from its predecessor. Fans of the first game will definitely love continuing their adventures in the land of Tempor. The game has enough new content to keep any hardcore role playing game fan happy. We highly recommend the game to fans of the series and to newcomers who want to take part in an engaging online role playing game.  We hand the game a score of 80/100.

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