Epic War 5 Game

March On and Conquer the World in Epic War V

Massive troops formations, straightforward head-on combat, clashing of armies and casting earth shaking spells, these and so much more await players of the amazing fifth installment of the Epic War series. Epic War V is more than just a sequel, it is, like the three other games before it -a massive expansion and improvement on the already great game that the first Epic War game provides. This latest version features massive stages filled with many animated elements, gigantic creatures that will fill up your screen and a massive cast of heroes that await your call.

Dungeons and What? The First Step into Battle

The main goal of Epic War V, like any other epic war, is all about territory control -one faction seeks out to rule another. While the game itself has a much larger story mode, that real point here is to expand your army to make it bigger and capable of crushing that of your opponents. While it does not make much of an impressive storyline or narrative, most of the material is just too fantastic to not finding ourselves indulging heavily on the medieval-fantasy themes of the game.

If you love fully armored knights, fire breathing dragons, hammer wielding ogres, spell casting warlocks, sultry witches, and thundering behemoths, then this game has it all for you. There are plenty of nice archetypes here, from the dagger bearing Halflings to the exploding goblins -if you know your fairy tale mythology, you will easily indentify many of creatures that are part of this game.

Now, if you think that the great here is the great variety of magical creatures you will be encountering, you are quite mistaken. The great fun of this game is that you can mix them up in various formations and combinations and watch them clash against other magical creatures. Yep, when the developers decided to call this game Epic War, they knew what they were doing.

The core concept of the game is simple, you control a small army and fight off other armies. As you progress in the game, your armies get larger and stronger; stronger by earning experience points and leveling up, larger by having new units to add to your roster. The end result is that you can have up to 6 different sets of creatures in a single army and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The combat, as mentioned, is straightforward and toe-to-toe. This means that you will not be flanking, you will not be laying an ambush, and you will not be performing some complicated maneuver. You and the enemy are going to face off head on and the only commands you can give are for your troops to stand still, move back, or smash their way forward.

Strategy Wins Wars

To win in this game, you must be careful with the choices you make before a battle and during it. How you choose the troops you will be bringing affects how your army performs. Despite the simplified combat, there are actually plenty of factors that players should keep track of. Movement speed and spawn rate determines if your army travels as a whole or if some of them get left behind. Creature population determines how many there are in your party. While more is good, it is not necessarily better -5 really tough fighters could easily best 10 weak ones. In the battle itself, you must determine when the appropriate timing for commands are - charge too early and your army gets spread thin, wait too long and you will have to fight a prolonged battle to recover lost ground. Add in the use of spells and special abilities and you have a really busy war simulation that will have your eyes glued on the screen as you watch the battles unfold.

Commading a single unit is not possible in the game, but you do have control over entire groups (though if a group can only have one member, than that does technically give you individual control). Anyway, figuring out if you should have all your units charge or if just some of them should is also part of careful strategy, so it actually helps to do a bit of trial and error (lose a battle or two just to see how your army progresses, then charge in with a well thought plan).

The difficulty level of this game comes in two distinct packages that are pretty much stacked on top of each other. The first is a pretty well balanced challenge curve that even new users will find enjoyable and rewarding, the second is a die-hard hours of grinding-required set of stages that were pretty much designed to make you feel like your super powerful army of high level creatures are worth nothing at all. Indeed, the game's second half consists of special hell-mode stages that feature monsters and armies performing at levels and skills that are beyond the player's natural level caps.

Epic on the Eyes

Whoever did the artwork for this game deserves much praise. Every single creature portrait, every spell animation, every individual unit on the battlefield has been so well defined in terms of visuals that we are literally pining to have a printed bestiary of Epic War's creatures. From centaurs to snake-women, this game has a ton of magical creatures inspired by ancient myths and legends. And we love it. The colors, shades, tones, and overall line art shine with that unmistakable glitter of skill. It was like a video game decided to make a child with a fairy tale book and Epic War V is what came out.

The music on the other hand is a little off-track in terms of keeping with the visual feel. That aside, it is actually pretty decent to listen to. While we certainly wish that Epic War's music would match up with the visuals a lot more; it still manages to work out fine. Some solid fantasy themed marching music would have been glorious to fight to, and hopefully, the sequel features some of that.

The Verdict

Epic War 5 is everything that the title promises it to, and then a few more. Sure there are plenty of drawbacks to the game -particularly with the way that the challenge suddenly spikes up once the special stages are unlocked and how one-sided some of the battles can be when you do not have any super powered units in your army. Also, the grinding gets really repetitive and tiresome (not to mention taking too long as stages cannot simply be finished in a couple of minutes).

That being said, the game has plenty to offer players of various skill levels. The only thing you need here is a hearty appetite for war and of course, an appreciation for magical creatures and monsters. There is plenty of lore in-game, and outside of it (just reading up online about the various creatures that appear is already plenty fun to do). And if you are already familiar with many of creatures, nothing makes the game more fun than watching the most unlikely assortment of succubi, ogres, dwarves and other creatures banding together to face off other armies composed of even more fantastic creatures.

This game brings together great controls, addictive gameplay, excellent visuals, and enough replay value to keep you busy for a full couple of weeks. Epic War 5 is a definite must-try not only for fans of the first few games, but also for anyone who wants a truly enjoyable browser based gaming experience. We give this game a charging werewolf's 92/100.

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