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Drakensang Online Review: When the Dragon rises, Heroes are born

Drakensang is an online action role playing game that lets players hack, slash and incinerate their foes. Create your very own hero from three job classes – the powerful and lethal, Dragon Knight; the agile and stealthy Ranger and the destructive Spell Weaver. Outfit your new born hero with armors, weapons and spells that will aid you in your quest to defeat the vengeful dragon that has gripped the land with fear and darkness.

Chaos and destruction has stricken the land and evil – both old and new have risen from the ashes. A hero is needed to rid the world of foul beasts and nasty creatures once and for all. Take up arms and get ready to fight the armies of darkness in the online fantasy world of Drakensang Online.

To become the Hero that people need

Drakensang online game: fighting monsters

Fighting the hordes of vile creatures can be a heavy burden, even for seasoned warriors - so a true hero is needed. Your job as the player is to create the hero who will save the land from the accursed dragon. Once you have fully registered at Drakensang Online’s website, you can begin creating your character by choosing what your job class will be. There are three types to choose from – the Dragon Knight, a warrior whose power and skills can decimate enemies at close quarters, the Ranger – agile and stealthy fighters who use bows and short blades to assassinate their foes and finally, the Spell Weaver – powerful mages who can use destructive elemental attacks to vanquish their opponents. Each job class can either be male or female – unlike other online action games we have played that tie a character’s job class to a particular gender. Sadly, you can only customize your character’s hair and height; there are no options to change the face or the default appearance of your chosen job class. Before you can begin your adventure, you will need to give your online hero a name. Give your character a name fit for a hero, any name is good as long as it is not yet taken by other players or is offensive.

Once inside Drakensang Online’s dark fantasy world, you can earn experience points by fighting monsters and other evil creatures. Gather enough experience points to increase your character’s level and learn new skills and increase you character’s attributes – such as strength, dexterity and total health points. Talent points are also gained as you increase your character’s level, these can be used to earn bonuses to your character’s abilities. Bonuses such as additional attack damage to enemies, mana regeneration and even a teleportation ability are given once a certain talent level is reached. Players are given the freedom to learn which talent and what skills they want to equip and use, making each character in Drakensang unique.

You can change how your character looks by equipping armor and weapons. Armors and weapons can be bought from armory shops in the game, can be gained as loot from defeating monsters or as rewards for completing quests. Different pieces of armor changes different parts of your character’s overall appearance, while some are not that obvious – like rings and necklaces, major pieces of armor such as suits and robes can drastically alter your character’s appearance. Drakensang Online has taken the armor customization feature a step forward by adding the option to color each piece of armor to fit the player’s color preference. Dyes can be bought at certain shops within the game itself.

Each piece of equipment found in the world of Drakensang has a certain rarity – with those having the highest rarity being the most powerful. These can easily be identified by the color of the equipment’s name – with gray being regular, green color means improved quality, blue colored names are magical, while gold being the rarest of all. Collecting as much rare equipment in the game can be highly beneficial since the rarer the equipment is the better skills, attributes and bonuses it has.

The Image of a Land torn by Darkness

Drakensang online game screenshots

Drakensang’s visual presentation is a bit outdated compared to other powerhouse games like Diablo 3. The main reason for this is because the game was designed as a browser game, which uses far less computer resources than full blown games that need to be installed in the player’s computer. But despite all this, Drakensang Online still looks decent and has enough eye candy to keep even the most demanding players satisfied. With good lighting, animations and special effects – we really like the weather effects in some areas; the game is still very enjoyable to look at while playing it on your browser.

With tons of different locations to visit, such as towns, forests, swamps and dungeons, Drakensang Online’s fantasy world really felt like a huge realm that contained a lot of hidden places players could discover and explore. Each area is of course inhabited by not just NPCs or Non-playable characters, but by different creatures that are either hostile or friendly. Enemies found in the world of Drakensang Online are varied and plentiful, from your usual goblins to a tree like creature called a Spry Shrubbery. Each enemy was designed with enough detail and animation that not just makes them look real but threatening as well.

The Sound of the World’s Song

The composers behind Drakensang Online’s soundtrack did a great job in capturing the feel of each location found in the game. From the lively music that welcomes you upon entering a city to the tranquil tune you hear while venturing through the forest – each track of music is well composed and uses various musical instruments. 

Sound effects are also well implemented in Drakensang Online. Creatures shriek, scream and grunt as they try to attack and defeat your hero, making the whole experience of fighting them much more enjoyable.

Preparing to face the Dragon

Drakensang online game: facing the dragons

Drakensang Online plays a lot like other action role playing games, players use their mouse to move to a location on the screen, talk to characters in the game or attack enemies. By pointing the mouse cursor over the map, then pressing the left mouse button players can make their characters move to the location where the cursor is. If the cursor is over an NPC - the player will speak to that character; if it is over an enemy then the player’s hero will start attacking that enemy. This type of gameplay has been with the action role playing games for decades now, and while newer control schemes have been introduced and used by other games of the same genre, this tried and tested style of playing is still preferred by many fans of action role playing games – especially if the game is played on a PC.

Like all role playing games, your character can take on quests given by NPCs in the game. These quests can either be for personal benefits or directly related to the game’s overall story. Players would do well to accomplish as many quests as they can since these are great ways to gain experience and earn rewards such as items and equipments. NPCs with new available quests have an exclamation mark over their heads, while pending quests are represented by a question mark.

Online role playing games are a great way to meet new people since you can form a party or a group to tackle those quests that are too difficult for a single player to handle alone. Drakensang Online also has a player versus player mode where people can fight each other using their created heroes. Winning these bouts earn you honor points – which can be used to learn fame talents that give bonuses and abilities used in the player versus player mode. Versus fights can be one on one, three versus three death matches or a capture the flag mode where a team of five players compete against another team.

Once the Battle has been won

Players looking for a good online action role playing game should definitely give Drakensang Online a try, with good visuals, great sounds and a tried and tested gameplay. Drakensang Online is a game that can still roll with the best of them when it comes to being an enjoyable action RPG. What the game has over other games in the genre is that it is easily accessible since it does not require any game installation, so a player can play Drakensang Online on another computer not just their own as long as it has an internet connection and a browser. We award Drakensang Online a hassle free score of 86/100.

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