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Double Edged Brings Nonstop Slapstick Violence to Your Desktop

With a title like Double Edged, one would expect a seriously hardcore title filed with plenty of non-stop action and of course, plenty of blood and gore. Well, not surprisingly, the game is filled with nonstop action, plenty of enemies, and a really good hack-and-slash style of gameplay. What did surprise us, however, was the art style. Unlike your typical hack and slash gladiator adventure, Double Edge’s visual aesthetics have been designed to appeal to a significantly larger audience. The characters are small, cutesy looking (despite the fact that they are hacking away at each other’s limbs), and are utterly adorable. But in the end, the game still looks edgy enough to attract male gamers.

If you want to get into some exciting limb hacking fun, then go no further. Double Edge has all the side scrolling hack-and-slash action that you need. This browser based game is the gaming equivalent of a quick fix: it is easy to pick up, easy to put down, and after a while, you will want to keep coming back. The action is delivered in short bite-sized pieces that you can play on a stage by stage basis.

Rampaging Helmets

Figuring out this game is easy: you move back and forth on a two-dimensional plane while using a variety of weapons to kill your enemies. It is the simplest and most convenient way to design a hack-and-slash title, and yes, it is really fun to play.

Your character is a small centurion-type fighter who is able to wield a wide variety of weapons. The game starts you out with a short sword. But you will also be able to make opponents drop their weapons (usually by killing them) and you can pick those up to use as your own. Also, you may choose to improvise: picking up rocks, statues, and other stage related content to throw at your opponents. These massive thrown projectiles allow you to hit enemies from a safe distance while still dishing out plenty of damage.

Repeatedly pressing the attack button allows you to execute a series of attacks. This combo string is a good way to dish out a lot of damage on a single opponent, of course, if you allow yourself to get surrounded, you will be vulnerable to attack while performing the combo. If enemies try to flank you, you can choose to stop attacking and maneuver your character defensively instead. Try to keep the enemies on one side of the screen as much as possible –at the very least, keep your back clear of any nearby hostiles.

Those thrown projectiles we mentioned earlier are not only fun to use, but they are pretty powerful against heavy enemies. A single rock will easily push any boss back by a few good steps –which means you can spam it and survive the fight without taking any damage at all. This is most applicable when fighting King Midas –the golden statues of his soldiers can be used as projectiles, and there are plenty of them to use.

For the most part of the game, your focus will be on bashing enemies with whatever weapons you may find. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses and there is no single weapon that is superior to others. The sword is well balanced, the spear has reach but also has weak attacks, the battle-axe is strong but is slow to use –and so forth. While you could choose to stick with just one weapon all throughout the game, it does get repetitive. The best way to enjoy the game is to keep swapping weapons around.

Fancy Fights

As you may have guessed, combat is the main highlight of the game. Sure, not a lot of players will be impressed by the single-button mashing combo attacks. But the fact that you can get a wide variety of attacks depending on the weapon equipped is a feature that players will love. The animation for the attack sequences is pretty well done. Each swing, slash and thrust is smoothly animated and the collision distance gives the game that solid fighting feel that is often missing from most browser titles.

Aside from the actual combat, the rest of the character movements have been nicely articulated. Even the enemies have been given a generous amount of frames for movement. From henchmen to bosses, each type of enemy you encounter will be unique in its motions and attacks. The bosses are particularly fun to fight with since they often have plenty of stage-related movements and attacks that are fun to watch. Of course, you may not get to see them all if you beat the bosses too fast.

The sweet combat animations are a welcome surprise by Nitrome –considering that the character designs are simple and the backgrounds are borderline generic. The addition of interactive stage content, nicely made combat frames, and interesting bosses certainly boost this game’s overall visual score.

The music is a little less impressive compared to the visuals. We are pretty sure that some gamers out there would appreciate the slightly rock-inspired tunes of the game, but it all feels a little disconnected from the theme of Double Edged. The sound effects, on the other hand, fit the game. Sure, the swishes and the thuds do sound a little generic, but we really do not expect much more than that from a browser based game.

Enemy Predictability

The only real issue that we had with this game is the fact that not all of the battles feel unique. After the first few stages, players will get used to the behavior of the enemies they face throughout the game. None of the foes will change their tactics –most will simply try to either keep flanking you or to just attack you straight on. This makes them easy to predict and handle. Add in projectiles to the mix and the enemy AI virtually walks in like sheep to the slaughter. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the game is constantly easy. Casual gamers will find the volume of enemies on certain stages to be somewhat overpowering and difficult to contend with.

The Verdict

All in all, Doubled Edged is a fun game to play. This is the one game we would recommend for those times that you are itching for some satisfying combat without having to worry so much about character builds or item-pickups. That being said, this game may be a little too simple or straightforward for those who have already finished plenty of other side-scrolling beat-em-ups. With its easy to use controls, excellent combat system, smooth animations, and simple gameplay mechanics, Double Edge sets a pretty good standard for browser games in the same genre. We give this game an angry minotaur’s 85/100.

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