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Legend of Void

legend of void

The fine folks over at Obelisk games have come up with a pretty great RPG and knight adventure game: the graphics look wonderful for a flash based browser game, there are plenty of quests to keep you busy and the combat system is so well made that most JRPG console players will find the pace very comfortable. Overall, this is one RPG that we really recommend to anyone looking for an authentic role- playing adventure - with just one big catch: it is an extremely short game.

And by short, we mean RPG- level short. This is not really the type of game you just breeze through in an hour, but for an RPG, the adventure is cut a little too premature. Of course, the game has no pretenses: right on the start menu, the text states it out quite clearly. This is just chapter 1 of a game whose entire expanse we are yet to become fully aware of.

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